We care for your pool - so you can enjoy it!


All areas of pool mainenance catered for:-

Re-grouting  - Sand change - Time clocks; Basic electrical works - Pump changes - Pipe work; Acid wash pools - Chlorine wash pools; Calcium stain removal; Clean and/or repaint painted pools; Replacement of missing or loose tiles

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Every five years or so, older pools need regrouting. You can usually tell this is needed because in the summer you will notice black marks appearing on your floor and walls of pool - black algy - it grows in all the tiny spaces between the tiles where the grout is missing.

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So you have a pool but, try as you might, you can't get or keep the right chemical balance - your pool is allways murky. You want to clean your own pool, you enjoy it, it's theraputic first thing Sunday morning while its cool there is nothing better.

We can help.

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We now have an office come store room and would be happy for customers to pop in with any questions they have, order chemicals, or discuss anything to do with your pool. At the moment you will have to make an appointment but in the future we hope to have definite opening times. Directions are behind Repsol garage Camino De Coin near Mercadona supermarket.