Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that these FAQ's will help you find and answer to any questions you have about pool maitenance but if not just give us a call and we will be happy to advise you.

What should my Ph and chlorine level be?

What is a salt pool?

Why is my pool cloudy even though Ph and chlorine is ok? 

When should I change my sand?

What are the yellow marks around my pool?

I have black marks on the bottom of pool and up the walls.

My pump is not working as well as normal - no suction

Why am I am losing water from pool only when pump is running?


Chlorine should be between 2 and 3 on test strips and on compared liquid test. Ph should be between 7.2 to 7.8

Salt Pool
A salt pool is a pool that has salt added to it then a chlorinator fitted.  When switched on the chlorinator will turn the salt to chlorine as it passes through the chlorinator.

Salt chlorinators 
can change your pool to a salt pool including all fitting and adding the salt for €950 for a 8x4 m pool the benefits are softer feeling water, a more constant chlorine level so no more sore eyes, and when adjusted correctly, very easy to look after. We can also, if you wish, come back to clean the chlorinator at set dates i.e., before and after the summer season. This will help to keep the chlorinator working well and to give it as long a life as possible. The salt is converted to chlorine by going through electrodes fitted to your system.

Cloudy Pool
If  you let algy builds up in your pool then kill it time and time again the dead algy (to small for sand filter to stop) can make your pool appear cloudy. Or it could be the back wash and rinse is not long enough.

Changing Sand
A good rule would be every time you empty your pool for a re-grout i.e., every 5 to 7 years.  But can be a lot longer depending on how well the pool is looked after. 

Yellow Marks
Sun cream and chlorine do not mix - shower before using the pool.

Black Marks
That’s black algy very hard to remove.  You can shock it with liquid chlorine as a temporary fix that will bleach it and make it easier to brush off. You will need to get the pool regrouted if you have bits of grout missing because that’s where it is growing.

Pump Not Working
It could be the pump basket blocked or behind the basket in the pump sometimes gets blocked, especially if the basket is cracked.

Loosing Water
Your return pipes are leaking or water is going through the waste valve. Close the waste, if you have one, turn on the pump and remove the clear inspection tube from near the waste pipe, if water is coming out its passing through system when you run the pump.