JustChemicals - Your DIY Solution

So you have a pool but, try as you might, you can't get or keep the right chemical balance - your pool is allways murky. You want to clean your own pool, you enjoy it, its theraputic first thing Sunday morning while its cool - there is nothing better.

have a service called

For about half the price of a full service we can come to your pool - backwash the sand filter, adjust clocks, and add the correct chemicals to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe until our next visit. Your job is to get the hoover out and clean the bottom whenever you feel like it 

You will get the same visits that a full service gets i.e., twice a week in summer and once in the winter.

Cost €50 per month for 8x4 pool €60 per month for 10x5. We will clean your pool while you are away or you have friends or family over, or you have rented  it out for a short period of time. Prices from an extra €18 depending on size per week. 

With with this contract you will also get free call outs and we are available on the phone with any questions or worries you may have.

When we start the contract we will show you how to clean your pool if your not sure you are doing it correctly.

We also will deliver chemicals for a competive price during our normal rounds for people who have trouble getting chemicals home and want to clean pool completely themselses.  (we will give advice  to you if needed whist delivering)

Chemical prices

Free delivery on our normal rounds. They may be a small charge outside those areas.
Order from the web site and we will get back to you.

  • Multi action clorine tablets €28  for 5 kilo 25 tablets. 25 kilo 125 tablets €132.
  • Chlorine tablets €28 for 5 kilo 25 tablets. 25 kilo 125 tablets €132
  • Granular chlorine 5 kilo €30 25 kilo €145
  • Acid 10ltr 9 euro, 20 ltr €18. Plus €3 euro one off tub deposit
  • Chlorine liquid 10ltr €9, 20ltr €18 Plus €3 one off tub deposit.
  • Floculente 5ltr €16
  • Anti-algy 5ltr €15
  • Sand 25 kilo €8
  • Salt 25 kilo €8.50

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