offers a full service of swimming pool related requirements. Full maintenance can include:

  • cleaning of pool on a weekly basis,
  • pump repairs,
  • timer clock replaced,
  • sand changes,
  • salt chlorinate installations, 
  • regrouts and full reforms. 

Unlike most other pool cleaning companies we state full prices, we don't add extras because “your pool was particularly dirty this week Mrs Jones” if we quote you €100 per month to clean your pool that's what it will cost month in month out, all chemicals including anti-algy, acid, edge cleaner, chlorine, and salt.  January - July €100. 


Visits will be by a uniformed fully trained technician, in a sign written van.  We will try to give you the same cleaner all season so you can get to know him and him you.

We are aware that we will have access to your property and we take your security and peace of mind seriously.


He/she will hoover bottom of your pool and brush your walls, empty pool side skimmer basket.

We will test your pool water and add appropriate chemicals to make your pool safe and pleasant to swim in.

We will then go to pump room and back wash filter if needed, empty pump basket and inform you by phone or in person if there are any problems or changes.

We have been cleaning pools for ten years now on the coast under the name and we have many customers who will vouch that we do exactly what we say year in year out. If a pool goes wrong we take it personally and we fix it as soon as possible.